Before: This lady lost over 50 lb. after a prolonged illness and hospitalization. This was manifested by hollow cheeks. After: Autologous fat transplants (taken from another area of the body) produced permanent correction shown one year later.

Before: This young woman has a very common familial appearance of her thighs. In medical terminology it is called lipodystrophy. No amount of workout or dieting will correct this problem. The only sure correction is liposculpture. After: Appearance one year after correction.

Before: In this instance there is a major discrepancy between the waist and the lower body. Weight loss alone will not correct the problem. After: Six months following liposculpture and weight loss. The harmony between the waist and the lower body has been restored.

Before: This young woman has a heavy set appearance of the torso including the thighs and the hips. This condition is both familial and individual.

After liposculpture: Reshaped frontal appearance after lengthy liposculpture of the torso, hips and thighs.

Before: Profile view of the same woman seen in the previous photo.

After: Thinner profile several months following circumferential liposculpture.

Before: Familial "saddle bags" seen in the hips, buttocks, and circumferential upper thighs. This is a demonstration of how we are "hostage to our genes" (and Jeans!). Workouts and excercise are helpful for cardiovascular conditioning but offer little or no effect on fat collections.

After: The prominent fat collections have been corrected restoring a more natural profile.

Before After "Tummy tuck" 
or Abdominoplasty"

Profile view of major improvement in appearance of abdomen

Before: This lady was unhappy about the apppearance of her hands. She thought the veins were very prominent, adding to the aged look.


After: Appearance of the hands only three days following rejuvenation with autologous fat transplantation. The procedure is simple, performed under local anesthesia, and results in immediately visible improvement. The transplanted fat gives the hands a more "plump" youthful look, and minimizes the bony appearance. The veins are now barely noticeable.

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