Before: The aging process affects the entire face with some parts aging more than others. 

After: Ten months following total facial rejuvination. The face has a natural appearance with no tell tale signs of aging or tissue distortion. 

Before: The face shows sign of aging as a single unit. The eyebrows have a saggy look. This gives the appearance of excess skin in the upper eyelids. The midface has jowls and prominent smile lines. 

After: Several months following restoration of the youthful appearance with endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lift, face and neck lift and C02 laser 

Before: In this case, the aging of the facial skin is manifested by fine wrinkles giving the appearance of "cracked dry river bed". Standard face lift surgery is of little help, so an alternative approach was employed.

After: Appearance eight months after deep pharmacologic peel of the face and skin tightening of the neck. The result speaks for itself.

Before: In some individuals the aging is most pronounced in the lips where multiple 
wrinkles appear to "radiate" from the mouth.

After: The smoother and younger looking skin is evident 6 months following a deep 

Before: This patient was referred by her eye doctor for correction of droopy skin of the upper eyelids. At her initial consultation she indicated that she was also unhappy about the width of the bridge of her nose. After: My recommendation to her was surgical correction of the droopy eyebrows, correction of the loose skin of the lower eyelids, surgical narrowing of the bridge of the nose, and CO2 laser resurfacing (peel) of the facial skin. This is her appearance 3 months after the procedure.

Before: Aging changes of the face are usually manifested by droopiness of the eyebrows, redundancy of the lower eyelid skin, and multiple wrinkles. After: Rejuvenated facial appearance a few months following endoscopic forehead (coronal) lift, correction of the hollow look of the lower eyelids, and CO2 laser resurfacing (peel) of the face.

Before: The mouth area shows signs of aging when multiple fine lines appear. These are usually familial, and not related to cigarette smoking as some people may assume.
After: About one year after correction. The CO2 laser was used on the face as well as the mouth area.

Before: As shown here, the face has coarse and fine lines, the result of muscle activity, gravity, and changes in skin laxity. After: The CO2 laser resurfacing procedure improves the appearance of the facial skin by rejuvenating the collagen, tightening the laxity, and removing surface blemishes. Appearance 3 months following the laser peel.

Before: Without being aware of it, a frown or scowl can project a tense "expression." After: Relaxed natural look several months following endoscopic forehead lift. (no hair is shaved from the top of the scalp and no scalp tissue was removed).

Before: Prominent ears can be a source of peer ridicule and may affect a youngster's self esteem.
After: Complete correction 6 months after ear setback.

Before: This lady underwent a face lift 10 years before this picture was taken. The remaining fine lines around the mouth and the "crows feet" were her main concern. After: The face as it appears four months following rejuvenation with C02 laser resurfacing. Note the correction in the asymmetry of the mouth. (Corrected with Botox injections).

Before: The neck can exhibit aging in several ways. The redundancy of the skin under the chin was the problem in this case. After: Correction following a neck lift. Although present, the fine scars around the ears are not visible and there is no ear distortion.

Before: This young woman wanted to have a narrower nasal tip with more definition. This view demonstrates the bulbous appearance of the tip.

After: One and a half years following correction. Note the reduction of the nasal tip and recreation of the natural "pyramid".

Before: In this case the nose is elongated with a dorsal hump and a slightly widened 
and droopy tip. 

After: Six months following removal of the hump, elevation of the nasal tip and streamlining of the profile. 

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