Before: This tall model wanted slightly larger breasts with a natural look. After: Six months following breast augmentation with saline implants placed on top of the pectoralis muscle. The areolar scar is practically invisible.

Before: Hardened implants (capsular contracture)  This woman came in for a consulation to correct "hardened implants". A few years prior to that she underwent breast enlargements with silicone implants at another location.  In addition to the firmness, the breasts have a droopy appearance and larger than normal areolas (Tuberous Breasts). After: Seven years following reconstruction. The old implants were removed. New ones placed below the pectoralis muscle and the nipple-areolas lifted. There is restoration of harmony and contouring of the chest.


Before: Appearance of the breasts after multiple pregnancies. There is sagging of the skin (ptosis) and loss of volume in the upper pole of the breast mound.

After: The "saggy" look has been corrected with a simple lift (Mastopexy). The breast  has a natural tear drop profile.  No implants were used.

Before: The effects of mulitple pregnancies on the appearance of the breasts is seen in this frontal view. There is loss of volume in the upper half of the breast mounds. There is asymmetry in the nipple-areolar position (left lower than right). This woman did not wish to have a breast lift. After: Six months following augmentation with subpectoral saline implants. Notice that larger implants were required to fill the loose skin and achieve the desired lift.  There is near complete restoration of symmetry of the nipple-areola areas.

Before: This is a third example of the effects of pregnancy on breast shape and position. . There is ptosis, apparent excess skin and loss of volume from the upper half of the breasts. After: Moderate size saline breast implants were used to restore fullness and correct the ptosis. This is her appearance only four months after surgery.

Before: Moderate Macromastia (enlargement and ptosis) . This woman wanted to have slight reduction in the size together with a lift.

After: Appearance following conservative reduction and lift seen at six months following surgery. Once again chest harmony has been restored.

Before: This young woman wished to have more fullness in her breasts. After: This result shown 6 months following breast augmentation with sub- muscular saline implants is as good as it gets. The appearance is completely natural and there is harmony in the chest as a whole.

Before: Macromastia or massive enlargement of the breasts can have major physical effects as in this case. Increased inertia in the chest, decrease exercise tolerance and ill fitted bras are only a few of the problems associated with the enlarged breasts. After: Appearance one year following breast reduction. (At least 4 lbs. of breast tissue were removed).

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