Question: What is a tummy tuck?
Answer: The “tummy tuck” operation is only one procedure available for reshaping the abdomen and the torso.  It may be combined with liposuction or liposculpture in the same area to achieve the desired tapering and streamlining of the abdomen and waist area. The procedure is primarily designed to remove excess loose skin and stretch marks following pregnancy. The scar can be easily hidden underneath the bikini.

Question:  How long is the recovery period?
Answer: It varies from one individual to another. In general, it requires about 2 weeks and sometimes longer. During this period, the area will be covered with an elastic girdle which is supplied by our office.  A  small tube is also kept in place for drainage. It is usually removed after a few days.  In the meantime, you are advised to rest at home before returning to the office for the first follow up visit.  

Question: Where is the surgery performed?
Answer: The majority of tummy tuck operations are performed in our office operating room surgi-center.  It can  be performed under conscious sedation twilight anesthesia,  supplemented with local anesthesia. It is a safe and effective procedure.

Question: Are there any risks?
Answer: In the majority of patients there is temporary numbness in the skin of the lower abdomen between the umbilicus (belly button) and the incision just above the pubic area. In a few individuals the numbness may persist for several months,  and can occasionally be permanent. In patients who smoke there is an increased likelihood of circulatory problems and therefore delayed healing.  The majority of patients are generally very happy with the result and their new look.

Question: What is the cost?
Answer:  $3500.00 to $6000.00.

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