Question: What is a thigh lift?
Answer: It is a procedure designed to tighten the loose skin of the upper thighs. It can be combined with liposuction to achieve the desired look. The scars are usually hidden in the upper thigh crease.

Question:  How long is the recovery ?
Answer:  The recovery is relatively quick. The thighs are covered with a compression girdle which is left in place from two to three weeks. There are no drains and there is no need for external stitches. The stitches are  absorbable. This procedure can be combined with a tummy tuck and it is very gratifying to the of people having it.

Question: How soon can I return to work?
Answer: In the general, people are able to return to work after an average of ten days. The area will continue to be covered with the compression girdle and regular clothing can be worn

Question:  What are the risks?
Answer:   Essentially the same type of risks listed for Tummy tuck.

Question: What does it cost?
Answer:  $4500.00.

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