Question:  What is liposuction?
Answer: Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. It was popularized in the early 80ís in France and Italy and has been modified and made safer with the advance of the tumescent and ultrasonic techniques. It involves the removal of large volumes of subcutaneous fat through very tiny incisions carefully hidden in the skin folds.

Question: What is liposculpture?
Answer: It is a refinement of the liposuction technique whereby the contour of a particular area of the body can be reshaped much like sculpture work to produce a smaller version of the area treated, maintaining the smooth contour of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue. 

Question:  Is it safe?
Answer: Yes.  Over 1 million liposuction procedures are undertaken worldwide every year and the number of complications are extremely rare. The procedure can be performed either under local anesthesia and sedation or under general anesthesia. Patients usually recover and return for a check up in three to four days. In the meantime, they can rest at home. Some are even able to return to work in two to three days.

Question: Does the procedure work?
Answer:  The operation is relatively simple and is designed to remove unwanted and unsightly collections of fat in various areas of the body. There is the some degree of swelling and bruising the first few days, and the results become visible in a few weeks. The majority of the people having the procedure are quite pleased and satisfied.

Question:  Do I loose weight after the procedure?
Answer:  In general, there is no weight loss.  There is however, a  redistribution of the fat. Numerous patients have maintained their weight but wore smaller size clothing following the surgery.  Voluntary weight management and control is recommended.

Question:  Does the fat come back?
Answer: No. There is usually a general reshaping of the body following this procedure and I have not noted any fat coming to the same area from which it has been suctioned.

Question: How long does the bruising last?
Answer:  In general, this depends on each individual and his or her tendency to bruise.  Usually the bruising is very minimal and within two weeks, the majority of the faint yellowish bruising disappears.

Question:  When do I resume work outs?
Answer:  I recommend waiting 4 - 6 weeks before resuming full workouts. Gentle exercises such as walking, use of the treadmill and stair master can be resumed as early as three weeks after the surgery and in some cases, as soon as the bruising disappears.

Question:  What about sexual activity?
Answer: Much like any type of physical activity, I recommend waiting about three weeks prior to resuming sexual activity.

Question: How long do I wear the elastic girdle (bandages)?
Answer:  In general, I recommend wearing the bandage for a period of one week. The majority of my patients prefer to keep it on for another week or two after that. If the girdle becomes too restricting I recommend switching to a spandex type of outfit or girdle and occasionally I recommend the use of bicycle shorts of the same material.

Question: What is autologous fat transplantation?
Answer: This is a method of harvesting fat from one portion of the body and using  it to augment, fill in or recontour other areas of the body including the face. The fat is generally harvested using a small syringe under local anesthesia from one part of the body, generally the abdomen or the thighs. It can then be used to fill in fine wrinkles, indentations, areas of spontaneous fat loss due to aging or other reasons. It has specific applications for lip augmentation, cheek augmentation of the smile lines, as well as augmentation of the indentations below the corners of the mouth. Autologous fat transplantation can be performed in conjunction with face lifts as well as laser resurfacing of the face.

Question:  How much does it cost?
Answer:  Liposuction starts at approximately $4000.00 with an additional $500.00 to $1000.00 per additional areas. We always recommend a consultation to provide you with an exact quote for your particular needs. Autologous fat transplants costs vary upon area and volume used.

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