Question:  What is laser face lift?
Answer:  Laser resurfacing (tightening of the facial skin) is the “gold standard” of  plastic surgery technology in it’s present state of the art. It is by far the most popular facial rejuvenation procedure of our time. Conventional facial surgical procedures including eyelid surgery, forehead,  cheek and neck lifts continue to be the main stay of facial rejuvenation, but when combined with laser resurfacing, the results have been truly remarkable. Laser resurfacing is a procedure to remove layers of  aged, wrinkled and blemished skin and to stimulate the deeper layers to produces younger collagen with a resulting youthful appearance.

Question:  How is it done?
Answer:  The procedure is performed in an office or surgi-center setting under either local anesthesia with sedation or conventional general anesthesia. It lasts several hours.

Question:  What is endoscopic facelift?
Answer:  Endoscopic face lift is a procedure where very tiny incisions are made and a small camera (about 1/4 of an inch in diameter) is used to visualize the area operated on under the skin. It leaves practically no scars, most of which are hidden in the hair baring
scalp. It is primarily used to elevate the eyebrows and restore the youthful appearance and position of the eyebrows. Furthermore, it can be combined with a muscle procedure to remove the frowns and the wrinkles.

Question:  How long is the recovery?
Answer: The “rate-limiting step”  of facial rejuvenation is the laser procedure. Laser rejuvenation done alone requires a recuperation period of about two weeks and sometimes longer. Combining the laser with other procedures such as endoscopic forehead lift, cheek or neck lift, does not prolong the period of recovery. Think of it as the boiled egg analogy - it takes 5 minute to boil one egg, it takes five minutes to boil a dozen eggs.

Question:  Is it risky?
Answer: There is risk associated with any type of surgery. In this particular case, the risk is very minimal. The possible drawback to this procedure is prolonged healing due to either infection or to slow recuperation of the laser treated skin. People undergoing this type of laser procedure usually take antibiotics, anti-viral and occasionally anti-fungal medications prior to, during and following the surgery to minimize the risk of complications. Personal hygiene and careful handling of the operated areas is of the utmost importance.

Question: When can I shower?
Answer:   Within a day or two following any type of laser or facial procedure, the patient can  shower, wash the hair,  and reapply the emollient ointments which we recommend. Avoidance of the sun is mandatory.

Question: When can I wear makeup?
Answer: As soon as the skin is healed, make up is applied. It may be combined with sunblock. Anti-inflammatory creams are occasionally added to the regimen. Our cosmetologist can assist you with your make up and skin care.

Question:  When do I resume workouts and daily activities?
Answer:  In general, four to six weeks is required for recuperation before normal physical activity can be resumed, including workouts, sexual activity and so forth. In some people the recovery is quicker and in some others it may be delayed. In this context, I like to quote one of my “pearls” of wisdom,  “Listen to your body, it always sends you the right signals”.

Question: What about rejuvenation of the neck and the chest?
Answer: Although it is not generally recommended to include the neck and the chest in the laser peel,  other methods are available.  These include a different variety of laser,  the pulse dye. Also, there are light peels which can rejuvenate the neck, removing age spots, blemishes and fine wrinkles. These procedures for the neck can be done in conjunction with other facial procedures. The light peels can be extended to include the upper portion of the breasts, as well as the shoulders and the arms.

Question:  What are the costs?
Answer:  For a standard C02 laser resurfacing the cost is $4500.00.  Other procedures may be combined with the laser and these include endoscopic forehead lift, eyelid surgery, as well as cheek and neck lift. Endoscopic forehead lift is approximately $4500.00, eyelid surgery costs range from $2000.00 to $4000.00, and neckplasty fees are $5000.00.

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