Question: What is breast reduction?
Answer:  Breast reduction is an operation designed to reduce the size and the weight of the breasts, maintain the general appearance including shape, position of the nipple and function.

Question:  Can I breast feed after a breast reduction operation?
Answer: Yes,  in the majority of the cases, in the internal design of the operation, namely the transfer of tissue under the skin preserves the breast ducts which facilitate the production of milk. The majority of women can breast feed.

Question: How long is the recovery?
Answer: There is no muscle work involved with breast reduction, it is mainly reduction of the skin (lift) as well as the fatty tissue and the breast gland itself. As a result, the recovery from breast reduction surgery is usually very quick. Some women return to work as early as three days!

Question:  How soon can I shower?
Answer: As early as a day or two after surgery. It is safe to get the breast, including the incision areas, wet provided these areas are gently blotted dry and then covered with a loose fitting bra.

Question: When do the stitches come out?
Answer: There are no external stitches. All the stitching is done internally and the sutures are dissolvable. There are only tape bandages on the incisions which are located below the breast fold as well as around the areola.

Question: How much tissue can be removed?
Answer: It all depends on the size of the breast originally. The weight of the tissue removed depends on the general aesthetics of the desired new breast mound and volume. It varies from one individual to another.

Question: What are the risks involved?
Answer: In general the risks are minimal. In women who smoke, there is an increased likelihood of circulatory problems. This may result in delayed healing of the skin including the nipple/areola area.

Question: Is the operation covered by insurance?
Answer:  Possibly. It depends on the insurance company and the policy in question. Proof of medical necessity for coverage requires at least two medical opinions. There are, however no guarantees of coverage.

Question:  How much does it cost?
Answer:  $8000-12000which includes anesthesia.

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