Question:  What is Breast Augmentation?
Answer:  Breast Augmentation is an operative procedure whereby an implant is placed under the breast for enlargement. The implant can be placed either immediately under the breast or under the pectoral muscle.

Question:  Are there any visible scars?
Answer: The scars are barely visible. The most popular approach is a small incision less than one inch in length, placed just inside the border of the areola. The fact that the areola is a contractile structure with muscles in the skin, invariably produces a very fine and invisible scar. There are other possible approaches through  in the armpit or below the breast fold. These scars are slightly more visible.

Question: Is there any numbness in the nipple after the operation?
Answer: No. The majority of people have no residual numbness in the skin of the nipple or the areola. Occasionally, some numbness may be noted temporarily after the operation in the lower half of the breast. In rare cases, there is some residual numbness seen in about 5-10 % of patients. Nipple erection is not affected.

Question:  Can I breast feed after the operation?
Answer:  Yes.  In the majority of cases the implant is placed behind the muscle so it is not even in contact with the breast tissue. It is rather a “spacer” occupying the area between the rib cage and the pectoralis muscle. In it’s natural way, the breast will engorge and involute during and following pregnancy  without any interference from the inert implant.

Question: What if the implant ruptures?
Answer: Deflation of saline implants is extremely rare. If it should happen, the saline is redistributed in the body fluids. The implant can then be replaced.  

Question:  What types of implants are used?
Answer:  Two type of saline implants are commonly used: smooth and textured. In certain instances newer and improved silicone implants are used.

Question: Is the operation safe?
Answer: Yes. The majority of women undergoing breast enlargement are usually healthy and surgical and anesthesia risks are generally minimal. The surgery is performed in an accredited surgical facility with experienced board certified surgeons and anesthesiologists using state of the art technology.

Question: What are the risks?
Answer: As with any surgery, there are possible risks related to infection, fluid collections, malposition, rippling or partial deflation of the implant. Antibiotics are routinely prescribed to minimize the chance of infection and fluid collection. Malpositioning and deflation are rare and correctable. Rippling is minimized by placing the implant under the pectoralis muscle. Overall, complications are rare and made more so by strict attention to detail in surgical technique and post operative care.

Question: How much time off work should I take?
Answer: The recovery usually lasts about one week to ten days.  There is some limitation of shoulder movements in the few days following the surgery, but with the supplemental  use of local anesthesia the discomfort is minimized and rapid  recovery is hastened.

Question:  How soon can I resume workouts?
Answer: In general, I recommend waiting about six weeks before resuming full workouts. Gentle walking, exercises including limited use of the treadmill or stair master can be started three weeks after the surgery.

Question:  Do I need to massage the implants after the surgery?
Answer: In the majority of the cases, there is no need for any massage. This is particularly true of textured saline implants. Occasionally, smooth saline implants may benefit from massaging.

Question: Can I travel by plane after my surgery.
Answer: Air travel is very safe. Even the day after breast surgery.  Airplane cabins are pressurized and there should be no untoward effects.

Question:  When do the stitches come out?
Answer:  My special technique involves the use of dissolving absorbable sutures with no stitches in the skin.  A small tape bandage is used to cover the incision.  The tape usually is removed in about ten days.

Question: When can I shower after the surgery?
Answer:  As soon as you feel comfortable doing so. When the implant is placed below the muscle it generally limits shoulder movements.  Moving the arms above the level of the shoulders for washing the hair etc. can be slightly uncomfortable in the first day or two. The breast itself can be gently washed in the shower as early as 24 hours after the surgery.

Question:  How much does it cost?
Answer: The range of surgical fees for breast surgery is between $4950.00 and $9950.00 These fees depend on the complexity of the surgery including the need for breast enlargement combined with breast lift as well as other procedures in the adjacent area, including liposuction of fat collections in front of the arm pit area.

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